May 2013 – Present | Outside Look Inc.

Founder, Principal Consultant

  • Founder of Outside Look Inc, a specialty consulting firm focused on advising organizations in financial crime management strategy and execution. This includes assisting firms in strategy development, market assessment, risk assessment, needs analysis, vendor selection and execution planning.
  • As founder of Outside Look, Ben Knieff is also a managing partner of Financial Crime Partners, a team of industry experts focused on helping financial institutions more cost effectively manage financial crimes and grow their business.

Outside Look

October 2010 – May 2013 | NICE Actimize

Sr Director, Head of Fraud Product Management

  • Spearheaded company blogging strategy and content development to expand brand awareness, demonstrate thought leadership and promote the company’s subject matter expertise
  • Supported global sales force to win contracts in the US, South America, the UK, Western Europe, South Africa, China and Southeast Asia
  • Served as primary interface to industry analyst community providing insight to NICE Actimize product strategy and positioning to ensure clear understanding of NICE Actimize capabilities and secure leading positions in analyst reports from firms such as Aité Group, CEB Tower Group, Chartis, Celent, Ovum, IDC, and Gartner
  • Led global product strategy and messaging for line of fraud products including a focused repositioning from technology to business solutions, providing guidance to product management in market needs and demands for investment prioritization
  • Provided the “public face” of NICE Actimize to mass and trade media including over 30 published quotes, podcasts and TV appearances in 2011. See for details
  • Regular speaker at industry and vendor conferences including ABI Carte (Italy), Electronic Transactions Security (Poland), Commercial Payments International (USA) and Fundtech (USA, UK) and other events around the globe
  • Acted as primary interface to industry analyst community providing insight to NICE Actimize product strategy and positioning to ensure clear understanding of NICE Actimize capabilities and secure leading positions in analyst reports
  • Provided subject matter expertise in fraud and anti-money laundering to financial institution clients and prospects across the globe, supporting client relationships and sales efforts
  • Authored external white papers and position papers, as well as internal analysis, positioning and response papers, providing thought leadership to external audiences and guidance to internal audiences; developed in depth analysis of regulations and current events promoting clear understanding of issues and responses
  • Supported European operations with subject matter expertise, media relations and sales support during a 6 month Europe based assignment
  • Led inception of competitive intelligence portal, creating structure and large portions of content, enabling the organization to quickly identify key strengths, weaknesses and competitive positioning
  • Participated in M&A due diligence teams to evaluate and provide recommendations on valuations, revenue streams and cost structures, potential post acquisition product strategy and overall strategic fit

NICE Actimize

To be honest, I’m not that comfortable talking about myself, so here are a few things about me that don’t fit nicely on a CV, or that I think are just interesting.
I’m a big fan of the internet, so I spend a lot of time reading, learning and sharing (hopefully) useful and interesting information. Here are the places you can find more about me, what I’m interested and what I’m sharing.

I also try out a lot of online services, and some of them I find very useful and continue to use on an ongoing basis.

Google Reader
Google Reader is the nerve center of my research and curation practice. I subscribe to nearly 400 feeds covering financial services, business, science and technology, and some fun stuff such as food. Part of what makes this tool so valuable is the consistency between using my Mac, PC and iPhone to keep up on the latest wherever I am.

I really like the way TripIt helps me keep track of my travel, accessible from any browser, a handy iPhone interface, and a calendar feed pumped in to Google Calendar, I rarely miss a flight or forget where I’m going.

Evernote provides me with the memory I just don’t have. The free account is excellent, but I choose to go with the paid version, which is a very reasonable price. The fact that my information is available to me on my Mac, PC, iPhone and any web browser is invaluable. I’ve come to uploading darn near everything to Evernote as I can always find it in an instant, from wherever I am.

About Me

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